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Resource Manager - Embed / Link Resource

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I think a more intuitive solution would be to present a user upon an import with a pop up window that asks how would you like your new images to imported, as linked, or as embedded. And then If you want to change something you can go to the resource manager and batch change files. Your suggestion refers to an individual element (image). Imagine you are working on encyclopedia book with 5000 images. Are you going to click on each image and then check/uncheck embedded? And besides, you would either want all images to be embedded or linked. Having some images linked and some embedded doesn't make any sense. So anything that refers to an individual change is kind of useless.

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I think the default should  be to link the image. 

Embedding the image is a bit counter-intuitive to how other applications work, Quark, InDesign, Scribus etc. all Link be default, and embedding is an option. 

Plus, emedding images can cause issues, if you edit an embedded image and the file becomes corrupt, you lose that embedded image with the edits. 



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I do like an option of embedded images and it could facilitate when the design file is shared etc., but I do prefer to have them linked. With embedded images the APub file is just to big to make sense in addition it replicates resources that are already taking space on my drive.

And how does one make images linked without saving the embedded ones?
edit: figured that once is embedded and you move the original file, you have to replace firs and then it can be made linked. This could be adjusted, that making it linked could at the same time replace it.

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On 9/3/2018 at 10:28 AM, Quorra said:


Yes, please make linking default and embedding an option.

I think it is also better for the file size of the layout document to not embed images. And it's easier to edit images and just update these links in the document.


Please please please! This is absolutely what this is all about! Plus when working with a team on a presentation, content gets updated constantly, and needs to be relinked easily!

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