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Jose III

RGB Hex Textboxes in Color Panel Acting Weird

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In all other color modes in the color panel, when a value textbox is highlighted (as in, with a light gray glow around the textbox), as soon as I start typing, the first keystroke turns on "edit mode" (textbox background turns white) for that textbox, removes the current value and replaces it with whatever I'm typing. Intuitive.


Except it doesn't work that way in RGB Hex mode. Instead, it will behave in different ways based on my observations:

  1. Sometimes, it will turn on "edit mode", but not remove the current value, and place the text of the typed keystroke in between the two characters of the two-digit value. (I've observed this when the textbox has a current value of "00", but not always replicable.)
  2. Other times, it will turn on "edit mode", accept the typed keystroke, pad it with a "0" (so if I typed an "A", it will show a "0A"), but for some reason, place the cursor before the typed keystroke (like so: "0|A").

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