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A few questions about Publisher

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I really want to adopt Affinity Publisher, but I have a few questions or issues, and it's not easy for me in english (and maybe that's why I'm struggeling a little in Affinity Publisher) :
1. I found where to add bleed, but why not asking if you want bleed directly when creating the new document? And then there's another step to add your bleed, but when I'm doing it, I don't see my bleed... I don't understand.
2. How can I adjust the pasteboard? Why can't I see the limits (up and down) of my pasteboard (I see it only when my objects disappear in it)?
3. I create a simple shape with the pen tool : is it possible to delete points by using a simple tool, I mean faster than selecting my points and then pressing delete on my keyboard?
4. With the images : where can I adjust my images size (you know by changing the widht, height, by pixels or percentage) in other words, I'm searching the picture control? I'm adjusting my picture, but when I try to adjust the picture frame, my picture is getting back to its original size, and I have to start again.
Thank you.

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Hi Abou,

Welcome to the forums :) 

1) At the moment the only way to add bleed is after you have created your document at the moment we don't support bleed preview.

2) the pasteboard has no limits you can go to View > View mode > Clip to canvas to make objects on the pasteboard visible.

3) This would be possible using the Node tool on a curve selecting a node with it and hitting the delete key.

4) You could select your image then resize manually using the transform tab towards the bottom right of the app.




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Thank you for your answers.

1. Ok, so it's not just me. I saw other comments about the fact we can't see the bleed preview, and I think the developpers will understand we need it for the official version.

2. The pasteboard seems to actually have limits (see my first picture).

3. Ok... I know that Publisher is not a copy of Indesign, but I think the delete anchor point tool (second picture... sorry if it's not the right term) is useful, but I guess I can manage without it. 

4. Ok, get it for the bug. But I don't see the transform tabs... I often make large posters that I have to adapt to small formats and the control allowing me to reduce my items by percentage is very useful.


pen tool.png

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View > Studio > Transform

You can type percentages in to the W and H inputs. (50%, 150%, 1789%)

And many other mathematical functions too… https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=/Workspace/expressions.html?title=Expressions for field input

As well as dimensions in any unit that you like. (5mm, 5cm, 5m, 5in, 5pt etc)

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