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Improvements For Small Screens

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Hi there,

since Publisher has so many new panels (“studios”) and features compared to Designer, I believe it would be about time to think about more economic ways to present the functionality of the application on smaller screens. Sure, nobody will usually do page layout on a 13 or 15 inch laptop screen. Nonetheless, when you take your laptop with you on the railway, it would be great to be able to still work with the application.

So I think it would make sense to start considering a way to compress at least the context toolbars for smaller screen layouts. The stroke flyout button, for instance, is incredibly wide without providing much information, and I wonder if you really need to present the labels (“Mode”, “Convert”, “Action”, “Snap”, “Construction”) on small screens. You could make it a preference to hide the labels. 

Later you can tackle the studios. A button-and-flyout based solution would definitely be nice.

Thank you for considering,

Alex :)



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I thought the same about that "pages" view to the left - and I'm using a standard big screen.

It's nice that you can switch the pages display to a "small list" (similar to that in Indesign), but the panel is still wider than it needs to be.

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Yes, indeed. The difference is just this … comparing one of the last non-subscription versions (version 5.5) … version 6 brought the single-frame solution:


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