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Can't Link Text Frames

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Am I missing something or do I really have a problem this time? I'm trying to recreate a small file on my PC which involves linking to text frames on another page. However, whatever I do I cannot do it. It either highlights the text I'm linking from or it move that frame. I've looked at the tutorial on this topic at least three times all to no avail. I've also created a frame on the same page as the first frame as in the tutorial but still I'm having no luck at all. So I ask again: am I missing something here?


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Might be worth having a try at resetting Publisher beta by holding down Control key (Ctrl)  while Publisher boots. A Reset screen will then open. Either Select All and then Clear or select options.  Many thanks to Walt_Farrell for giving me that hint after Text Wrapping option buttons disappeared from my tool bar.

As to linking frames it definitely should work - when you DRAW a new text frame or when you select a frame you should see a triangle on the frame which is the link tool. see text frame image below.  If the triangle is NOT there,definitely try the reset as above.


Linking frames.afpub

Affinity publisher Beta text frame.PNG

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