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Updating Graphic Confusion

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I drew out a graphic box in Publisher. Placed a jpg graphic in it. Saved the document. Quit Publisher.

Made a change to the original jpg in Photo and saved it.

Opened up the Publisher file and there was no indication that the graphic had been modified.

Went to the Resource Manager and it showed the graphic as "Ok."

I would have thought that:

A) When I reopened the file with the changed graphic, that I would have gotten some warning/notice that a graphic had been changed.

B) The graphic would somehow be flagged that the original graphic had changed since I had saved the Publisher file.

C) That Resource Manager would show the graphic as having been changed and give me the option to update.

Not being familiar with Publisher, am I overlooking something obvious?


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Well, I figured out that a placed document is embedded automatically, so that would explain some of my questions.

However, when I changed the graphic to linked in Resource Manager, saved it, quit, modified the graphic, and reopened the Publisher file, I still got no warning that the graphic had changed or indication on the graphic that a change had been made.

In Resource Manager, status was updated to modified.

I think there should be some warning when opening the file or viewing the document that the graphic had been modified.


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