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Hello Affinity team! Congratulations on getting Publisher to the Beta testing phase! I have been waiting since the release of AFD for this moment. And so far, it has been totally worth the wait. While I have not had the chance to dip deep into AFPub, I did cruise around and looked for things that I find useful in my workflow. 

The picture frame tool could use some work. While there are some nice starter options on how to fit the image into the frame, there does not appear to be a way to fit the frame to the size of the content so that there is no "overflow" of nothing. I realize I could  use the Place Image tool instead, but I feel like if you added the above feature, you could merge those two tools into one and it would go a long way to simplifying the user experience. 

For image formats, could you add 1-bit TIFF in the future? (This could apply to the entire lineup). I have a lot of textures in 1-bit TIFF format, they are lightweight and easy to use. It's nice to drop it in, set the color of the texture and then my preferred blend mode. Transparent PNGs are okay, just a bit more cumbersome to use, IMO.

The text handling could use some work too, and these are minor, but useful small things:

1) When the text frame is set to hide text overflow, can there be a visual indicator to tell us there is text that is being cut off? (InDesign uses a red box with a plus in it, for instance).

2) Currently, there appears to be no way to have a header span multiple columns. 

In the text wrap dialog, hitting the Tab key goes back to the text in the document, not to the next field to denote how much text wrap there should be. 

I have seen where it has been mentioned that the ability to view bleeds is coming, I'm just putting in another vote. (and for Designer as well. :)

So far, it's looking like a solid app for page layout with all the features I need! :)




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The Eye or Crossed-out Eye is the indicator that there is overflowed text.

If the text fits the frame then there is no Eye.


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Ok, just tried out the "eye" overflow feature and it's pretty neat. I like how you can click the eye to see how much overflow you have without doing moving anything around.

Maybe the eye icon should change color too? For me, I didn't notice it because it was the same blue as the rest of the markers for the text frame. 

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