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AD not releasing file

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I am unzipping a bunch of elements in eps format. For those that don't have a preview in jpg or png, I right click - open with AD. Then do a save.

AD saves back to the same folder with the same name so it makes it very convenient for me to see what it looks like in explorer.

As I am working on this, sometimes after I open the file in AD I can see that I saved the zip to the wrong folder. So when I save in AD, I save it in the right folder instead of where it opened it from. But now I need to move the original EPS file so that the two files stay together. I am unable to move the EPS file!

Even though I have closed the image in AD, I get a message from windows that says that the file is still in use by AD and can not be moved. I have to shut down AD completely before I can move the file. I don't remember having this problem with the earlier version. I'm using the new version.


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ok, seems to be solved. I found that I could move another one.

The difference seems to be that I had been busy and so more time had elapsed and now the thumbnail was showing the image in explorer before I tried to move it. 

So I'm guessing the delay is in waiting for whatever to be written so that explorer can show the image?


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