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You have produced some awesome software.  Working in a school, I have used Serif for many years.  I am very honest with my findings.  I did not like Serif Web Plus, but I did like PhotoPlus X8, Page Plus X9, Draw Plus X8 and Movie Plus X6.  

Your Affinity has now improved on all but Movie Plus X6.  The long and short is that we need a movie editing package in schools and so do many others companies.  I have just moved schools and we tried to purchase Movie Plus X6 from you but sadly you won't even sell it anymore due to Codex Licences, so we are stuck with X3.  

We really need some way of editing movies and your interface would really lend it's self to that.  Now you have done the others, please consider a movie editing package to complete the pack or at the very least, look at some way of re-releasing Movie Plus X6 to those that need it, but an Affinity version would be spot on.

Finally, the ability to create stop-frame and Keyframe animation in Affinity Designer would be good so it matches Draw Plus X8.

Thank you so much for reading this.




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