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Affinity Photo iPad - colour sliders bug

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Ipad pro 12’9 -ios 11.4.1

Affinity Photo

This is a bug that happens in current release AND in closed beta

Using the colour slider panel (from the bottom toolbar) tapping on it with a pencil, sometimes (very often) the cursor become unresponsive. When I tap in a precise spot on the slider, the cursor suddenly go back in the original position and the measurement window pop up. Tapping again on the colour slider will close the panel :3_grin:

here’s a video


Upadate (second video)

It’s worst than this :3_grin: tapping again in the panel after the the first miss, the app close the panel AND register a tap (and a mark) on canvas


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Same behaviour occurs in update

IPad Pro 10.5 512GB iOS 12.1 Affinity Photo Affinity Design

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