I know, it's already discussed and improved someway but it's crucial to solve the issues of this tool for the digital paint scenario. Actually every solution to pick a color on iPad is slow, strange, unprecise and not good at all.
To be clear, quickly color picking during a painting session it's absolutely the most frequent thing we do. I mean, thousand and thousand of times! Load a random digital painting video on youtube and you can count how many times you see that gray circle: that's color picking.   Actual situation: - the current version (with long press with pen) it's the most useful one right now but need to be more responsive. It's a hit and miss most of the time.
- in the closed beta ( you removed the long-press with pencil and added long press with finger and it's a mess  Picking with finger it's almost impossible  because you need to 'aim' a little spot, without viewing (because the finger itself) and then dragging over searching for that little spot...
- The only way to use the color picker in a proper way is via the on-screen button in the bottom bar ...but it's nested at the third level and you cannot go back and forth between brush settings and picker. We need a quick on-screen shortcut to activate the color picker AND picking with the pencil, please. Maybe the fastest solution is to move the on-screen button somewhere in the first level of the bottom bar or something   418DCC48-B0D5-428E-8E24-4C031ED425D4.MP4