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Inserted Text and Overflow

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So, we tried inserting text and using the overflow and two things are happening.
1) The text appears in the first box, when clicking the eye icon, all the text disappears, not just the overflow text.
2) When we try to link two text boxes together, instead of overflowing from one to another, it moves all the text from one box to another.
So, we tried creating two pages, with two linked text boxes. When the text is inserted into the first box. It instead appears in the second box. When we tried to link to a third box, it moved all of the text again.

We did notice that this does not happen when we are typing directly into the text box, only with the pasted content.

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Further experimentation with what is happening shows that; when copying the text without the TOC from the word doc does not cause this to happen. There must be something about how Word formats the TOC that causes this, no biggie, as we can just create the TOC in Publisher. 

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I think this is due to pasting text with a page break in it and having the TOC paragraph settings- seems to make it flow onto the next frame probably an error there. Works OK if you use a shift click to autoflow to the correct number of frames

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