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For example: I need to print a brochure that is made up of two sheets of A4 landscape with front and back printing on each side. This is to be folded into an 8 page A5 sized brochure.

When I design I want to see facing pages BUT when I print I want Page 1 and 8 on one side of sheet 1 and pages 2 and 7 on the other. Similarly for the second (inside) sheet, one side has pages 3 and 6 and the other (Centrefold) had pages 4 and 5.

So I need to design with facing pages but print with different pairs of pages! I need a 'Page Mapper' to allow this.

Will this be possible.


I have given an 8 page example but need a solution for any sized booklet.


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I've tried printing a 4 page A5 newsletter and I can correctly get pages 1 and 4 on one side of an A4 page in landscape mode and pages 2 and 3 on the other side. the problem is that pages 2 and 3 are upside down. That is when the A4 sheet is folded the inside pages are the wrong way up.

I have tried printing using Book, Booklet and N-UP 2 but all give the same result. 

Is there a print option that I am not seeing?

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I recreated an old newsletter that a friend originally created in 1989 just as an exercise.

When I print to PDF the document is fine as mac_heibu describes but when I print to an actual printer direct from Publisher the inside pages are upside down. I have printed to a Samsung laser MFP and an HP LaserJet Pro both give the same result.

As I originally indicated I have tried Book Booklet and N-UP options.






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Hi PaulHatton

There are book and booklet print options that should re-order your pages accordingly

There is currently a known issue with duplex printing the team are looking into which always flips on the ling side


Serif Europe Ltd - Check the latest news at www.affinity.serif.com

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