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Pages Panel comparison with Indesign

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Hello, I'm sending a comparison image of a more complex document in INDD and the publisher. In my view, if you want to attract us for many years in INDD, we should have the same graphic representation of documents as in INDD or Quark. Your graphics are confusing. Furthermore, I did not find the records of the document. Just the inner edge of the document.


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While I don’t agree with the sentiment here (ultimatums don’t appeal to me) I do support page shuffling.

And while I haven’t checked yet, a different highlight colour for each page with an applied master page design would be great. (If that is already a feature, this is my apology.)

And OP: I don’t think Serif’s graphics are as much ‘confusing’ as ‘different’. We should not expect Serif to duplicate any desktop publishing application appearance (unless we want them to spend 10 years in court) but we should anticipate some level of cognitive dissonance during a transition between two apps.  

Edited by CraigB
Added note about application differences.

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