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some problems

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Hi, the best wishes for your new project.

It works with PDF on blurb.de, the writing inclusive.

1. after choosing an image and set it to a page and choose the next one, it was fine to come to the last one again, not to the top of the directory: for I often set groups of images page by page.  
2. was fine to move the table with the images beside, so I can see which I got to this time. Even if separeted mode is on it does not work as I like it. The pages should be to move if this table is open to find the place to insert a special image (my last print had 220 images). Or it should be possible to insert images in the icons of the pages left.
3. the blue frame around the images sometime moves beside the image.
4. For prints I need images with 300 dpi, sometimes in the directory they have 72. Can you make it that it will move nearly into the page if going upon it with the mouse, otherwise the image is bigger as the screen; details can be done later.
5. If I set some masterpages with the number of page and at the end I want to delete the number it is not possible. To change a master page into a normal page was fine.
6. to ad ONE new page does not work, come two.
7. to set letters to special points does not work, to mark them does not help.

regards, lars



AP 1.7.2 // AD 1.7.2 // Apu 1.7.2: Capture One+ 12; MacBook Pro, OSX 10.13.1, early 2012 (ret), flsh 256 GB, RAM 16 GB; // Fuji X-Pro2, XF 18 - 55, XF 55 - 200 mm, nikkor 2.8/ 20 mm with shift 

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