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When I edit the paragraph style by choosing the drop down arrow from the text style window, and go to Initial Words, it does not retain the setting I have defined.  For example, I created a RED_Bold char style, then created a new paragraph style.  What I want is to have everything at the beginning in red and bold up until it sees a dash (-).  So after a little fiddling, I got that to work.  So now I have a Red Bold Bullet paragraph style.  When I edit that, the dash I added to the end char is not there (only the default end chars), enabled is not selected even though I am on one of the bullet items that has that formatting applied and the Style setting does not reflect my Red Char Bold style I defined.

First image - Dialog after I select editing and the style is defined


Second Image - The dialog as it should be when I defined the style (note: I forgot to check Enabled when I took this snapshot, but it should be enabled)




Also,  I would recommend changing the text in the dialog to make it clearer to the user on what this does.  The Max word count applies to the first X words, the End char is where the effect stops, and the style is the char style applied.

If I wanted to exclude the dash from being colored but allow up to the first X number of words to have the char style, what would I use as an end char?  Can I use a symbol and not have it print or something like that (hidden char for example)?


This is going to be a super great program!  Great work guys!




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