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In the Paragraph Styles panel under Paragraph/Spacing you can set the Alignment to the following:

  • Left
  • Center
  • Right
  • Justify Last Line Left
  • Justify Last Line Center
  • Justify Last Line Right
  • Justify All

It would be nice to see the following:

  • Away from Spine
  • Toward Spine

It is needed (for me) in instances where i am working with headers/footers primarily, and for other layouts when putting together books for art exhibitions etc.

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I think headers and footer could also be managed with master pages. You can have a single master page which two pages wide, or you can have a left master page and a right master page. Either way, you can make the left header be different to the right header.

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i can, and i am for my beta testing purposes, however, it requires a second paragraph style, and though it isn't a huge thing, its one of those small efficiency things. with toward/away from spine styles you can save yourself from having to manage the extra paragraph styles in your file if you are using it for more than header/footer work.

Thank you for taking the time to respond :)

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I've just posted a similar request a few minutes ago without noticing this.
Towards Spine and Away from Spine is extremely useful in Styles. Imagine you want a Heading that is always away from Spine on each facing page.

This is useful in annuals like Calendars, etc. I use it quite often in Church documents as well.

It's very useful in master pages also.
You only need to create a style for that  - Folio for example (I create style for everything) and by dragging the text box to any master page it automatically switches to appropriate alignment.

One could define a style for left hand side heading and right hand side heading but that's a workaround and it involved 2 formatting styles instead of just one. The software should deal with that situation automatically.

A big strong +1 for this feature.


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It also makes sense when you consider that a paragraph might be split between two pages and for that type of design the alignment might need to be different within the same paragraph, which is not possible with the existing styles.

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