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Not 100% done, but this is a portion of a new art piece done by commission for an upcoming card game. All painting done in Affinity Photo Beta. So far it's been fantastic with few hiccups. The new beta does seem a bit friendlier to my Wacom as well. :)


More updates will pop up at SteamCourt.com soon!


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Very nice! And congrats on getting an Eggy from Peter! :)

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Looks nice!  May I be nosy and ask which card game it is?  I love playing Euro board games and I am equally fond of innovative card games . . .  I'd enjoy looking up the game at boardgamegeek.com.


I love the lighting on this in particular and the nice textures, and there's a nice balance between warm and cool receding colors.   If I had a critique, it might be that the shoulders seem a little too wide, especially in regards to the left part of his waist, which narrows quite a bit?  Widening out the jacket would probably do the trick.  This may just be my eyes messing with me because I can't see the full image on my small screen without scrolling down, though.

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Thanks for the feedback, all! Penwiper, good thoughts, I'll probably try to get some of those in revisions. Test prints came out a bit dark too, so I might play with tonal values a bit also.


Without giving too much away, here's another in-progress character piece from the set, with some slight stylistic differences (some folks said they preferred earlier sketched versions of the characters, so I'm testing out some subtle outlines and sketch elements along with the original layers.


Penwiper, the game is coming to Kickstarter soon, so you can follow us at SteamCourt.com until it drops. It's super fun, I can tell you that. :D


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A long gap between my last post on this, but Steamcourt is finally wrapped up and was successfully funded on Kickstarter! In the end, we reached enough support to hit some stretch goals and add additional characters. We ended up with twelve characters total, and the reception overall has been really good. All art finished in Affinity Photo, with a few vector support elements done in Designer. Brushes almost exclusively were from the excellent Daub bristle set. Affinity was a joy to use! Find out more on the final game and see more at SteamCourt.com. :)







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