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Bleed-, Separation- and Overflow Text

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Thank you for the Beta. I's good to now, you go forward.

Please ad the follow:
- Bleed (please ad an optical view like lines, also in Affiny Designer, i asked you early)


- Overflow Text (like a red dot in the lower right, or by export, in a big error message: Hey you see not the hole Text...)

-  Missing Pictures or Document links? We have no information over it. Like open a older document. Ad a warning?

- Spearation for CMYK (switching in optical view and have a % about the CMYK-Number's, also in Affinity Designer). This is important. We want controll over it before we export for PDF/X-3. We want also if the placed or linked picture a greyscale, this will be exportet as this... not as a CMYK or RGB. A black Picture, is black in the channel (k) for print and not a mix of all 4 colors.

- Monitorproof... i dont now, how i can do this in Publisher. We as a company work with Printingservices around the world. It's important we have a point tats say us, we with the colors right.

Thank You

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Thanks for your feedback. On overflow, there is already an indicator, in the form of the eye icon that sits next to the text flow button when there is overflow. You click this to hide or show the overflow, and it only appears if overflow exists. (We don't like relying on colour to indicate things because some users are colour-blind.)

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First, thanks for the Huge work

I agree with dkaiser on most points. We really need to see the extents of the bleed for precise adjustments. Color separation is also crucial for any print professional, and missing links would really help.

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