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Stylizing & Animating in Affinity Designer and Apple Motion 5 (Video)

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In this Affinity Designer tutorial, I will show you how I used Affinity Designer to create look and style of a client logo that will be used in a Motion Graphic animation. Next, I export the image I created in Affinity Designer and Import the images to be Animated in Apple Motion 5. Along the way, I give you insight into my creation and management process.


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Thank you all so much for your support!

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Ohh, good. Thanks! Retro! One of the things I find is lacking in most tutorials is showing how you can achieve things by using more than one application and not depending on one application to do everything. There are standards  that are in place so that we can get our content in and out of different applications. I think people struggle with that, I know I did when I first started out. I am hoping the content I providing is well received. I can't terribly detailed under 15 minutes, but I am hoping there is enough content to help people make sense of this stuff.

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