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A quick question - does anyone know where the span all columns with a single paragraph command is (Span All, in InDesign) - I can't find it.

This is looking really good. I really hope it can  replace my InDesign workflow eventually. InDesign is very dated, hasn't moved with the times (eg I have to cut and paste to AD if I want to browse fonts as they actually look on the page). So fingers crossed.

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10 minutes ago, Hank_Scorpio said:
17 minutes ago, Chris_K said:

This is not a feature we currently have but is a good suggestion so I shall move it to our suggestions forum

Thanks Chris_K.

18 minutes ago, Hank_Scorpio said:

Defo I agree with this - I spent 8 years trying to get Adobe to put a "Span Columns" for their footnotes. Finally there now. 

Keep plugging away Hank!


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