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Hi, before I added this I even checked I was on Affinity Publisher Beta for Desktop since there seems to be quite a lot about Macs.

1) on my Windows 10 setup wth Canon Pixma MG 3500, I have found that the best way to print booklets using 2 A5  facing pages  on A4(because my printer can only handle up to A4 paper) is simply change the option     Paper size Defined by Driver



 to Paper Size   A4  (the paper size I am printing on)



Since my printer can only print on A4 paper I can't publish a booklet of 2 A4 facing pages-that would require a printer capable of printing A3 paper, but I would assume IF your printer can handle A3 then setting paper size to A3 would print correctly, too.   On my printer  I have to set Double-sided to Flip short side - other printers may be different

For publishing A4 facing pages to PDFs (for me at least) I usually  simply  select  Microsoft Print to PDF as my printer and then set Paper Size  to A3 before clicking on OK.  This gives a much quicker and smaller output than exporting to PDF



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