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Perhaps I am too old, stupid or whatever, but I don't get the concept behind the placing image workflow.

a) Place image: Here I can place the image and scale it proportionally and crop it manually. Downside: If I crop it, I have to watch the size to get the dimensions I want.

b) Picture frame and place image inside: Let's say the picture frame is 100x70 mm. Now I can scale it proportionally manually or with the transform tool. So far so good. Let's say I want to scale the image inside the frame and move it a little bit. All fine. Let's say 100x70 mm was the wrong decision and I want the picture frame including the image to be proportionally scaled to 120x84 mm. But now I can't scale anymore manually or with the transform tool? I can only change the dimensions of the frame and the size of image is untouched?

Maybe I used Indesign for too long, where the handling of images was pretty easy (for me)? Or I don't see the benefits of Publisher in handling images?

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I’m happy to see the pic frame tool working nicely: Working on a banner I have 12 pics in 2 rows, each has the same hight but a different width. With grouping all pics together I could easily stretch the whole thing/banner and all the automatic clippings did what they are supposed to. No need to edit each pic.
When I changed the thing into a less narrow 3-row-tile thingy, it was just a little push here and there and it was done in seconds.

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