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Mariusz go

iPad pro Affinity Designer - Gird, snapping problem.

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I warmly welcome,
this is actually my first forum entries. I also cordially greet you and congratulate you on your hard and consistent work and great ideas.

Yes, I have done your instructions and the effect is the same. Error. Next, I did more. Then I removed the entire application from the iPad and reinstalled. The error still occurs.

I attach the iPad data.

Best Regards,



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Have you got your iPad connected to an external monitor? Or do you use Air Display / Duet Display?  I'm asking because your screen recording has a resolution of 1440 x 1080 and your iPad's resolution should be 1920 x 1440. 

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Have you got any accessibility options enabled? Zoom maybe? Any 3rd party apps for zooming? iPad model number says it's a 12.9" iPad Pro, but the screen looks like a 9.7" from the size of the context bar and the gap between the left-hand tools and the cancel/snap/delete buttons. 

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Hi Gabriel,

I guess there's no bigger iPad, I definitely know what I'm working on. I do not have any application on my iPad. I do not think that you are the only case. I am?

But you're right.

The Zoom option was enabled in the iPad Settings> Zoom & Brightness> Display Zoom preferences.

This increased not only the icons in Ipad and the view of messages in Mail, but also the operation faked Affinity Designer.

Surprising, thank you very much. Now it works very well!


Thank you for your help. Topic is closed. Problem solved.


Best Regards.




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