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Flow imported text across multiple pages (long doc)

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Oh boy, I have so been looking forward to this app finally being available! 

I can't install the beta until tomorrow to experiment and the videos at this stage don't mention it, but can we place imported long text and have it flow to (ideally auto-inserted) 'next pages' until all of it is placed? I'd hate to have to produce a 400-page book by drawing and linking each text box, page by page. Fingers crossed ...

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I hope so. I have not found the way to import a long doc (.doc) across multiple pages. I also had to link each text frame in every page. Too bad.

Neither I was able to drag a doc file from Windows Explorer. Is it possible ?

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4 minutes ago, jjk said:

I also had to link each text frame in every page.

Shift + double-click on the text frame link symbol will make new frames of the same dimensions as the current one on subsequent and new pages until the oveflowing story fits in the frames created. Alt_ double-click adds one frame of the same dimension on a subsequent (new) page and flows the story into it. 

Getting the long story into the frame in the first place (.doc import) is not available yet.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

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In saying "yet" regarding .doc import, I assume you mean that will be available. Also need plain text import.

When importing a file, pages should be created automatically, with the imported text auto-flowing from one to the next (as they do now with shift double-click.

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Hi, I can see that this thread is now very old - 2018 - but as a newbie to Affinity Publishing I am so, so, so frustrated, so I had to reach out. 

I have a 30,000 word novel that I want to drop into Affinity. I have created a new file, created the dimensions and am ready to go, BUT, I cannot seem to find a way to cut and paste my document into my new file. 

I have selected all in Word, and have CNT C to cut, and now I want to paste my Word doc into this new Affinity file. 

I also want my Word document to auto flow through the pages. 

I have created a text box within the first page of my file and have linked it to the second page using Shift and double click. 

I need to populate my entire file - or over 100 pages - with this same text box and to be able to copy and paste my Word document into this Affinity file. 

I have taught myself how to be a Wordpress and UX builder expert, but this Affinity is making me lose the will to live. 

Please help!!!


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