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I have just downloaded and have made my always first test: footnote import. I have used a Nisus rtf file and 2 exported files of the same text as docx and doc. RTf is imported, but the footnotes vanish as if they were not there. Unacceptable. This was one of the long-lasting, tantalizing bugs in iCalamus, which I had bought enthusiastically, based on the promise that this would be solved. It was not. 

As my main activity is to write linguistic and dialectal texts, sometimes with footnotes, this bug cannot be attractive for me. I have noted someone else’s note that it does not support RTL scripts, another bad note. 

Otherwise, it seems a very strong, multifunctional DTP app.

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@Cattus Thraex

Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) 

I believe that we are deliberately not importing the footnote text until Footnotes are a supported internal object. Clearly it could import it as just text, so I have not moved this to the suggestions forum, but this is something that I would expect to change after footnotes themselves are added.

Patrick Connor

Serif (Europe) Ltd.

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