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Arun Sarkar

Inline Graphics & Anchors to objects

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13 hours ago, captain_slocum said:

How can you possible produce a long document with graphics without the graphics flow with the text?

The old fashioned way...

But indeed anchored graphics would be a very nice feature (and please not the cludge solution InDesign uses).

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Currently it seems AP is build to generate flyers, single page documents or maybe documents up to 10 pages ... but not long text documents ... most of the features for these kind of media are missing ...  (no criticism, but just a fact) ... Of course I hope that "long document" (e.g. books and magazines) support will come one day ...

iCore i7-3770, 3.50GHz, 32GB RAM, SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, Windows 10 Pro - AP, AD and APublisher latest final & beta

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On 8/31/2018 at 8:23 AM, eben grace said:


It's SO necessary to have the ability to flow / anchor pictures and graphics in the text!

Agreed.  Absolutely necessary.

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Without this basic function how would you insert math equations that flow with the text, for math teachers like me? Even MS-Word does that, isn't it? Don''t tell me that this 2018 software is not going to support math! If it is so, then it is just Affinity Designer Plus, not a desktop publishing program for science teachers or students.

I am still using Corel Ventura 10 - one of the best desktop publishing programs of those days. Even now it serves most of my high school level math publishing requirements. I have to run the software in XP comptibility mode under Win 7 and it works. I thought I should come out of that at least now.

Corel stopped its development in 2002 and it has an intermediate level (if not advanced level) equation editor built-in right from its first version and can be used straight out-of-the-box! Still wonder why most of the DTP packages give a step motherly treatment to put in Math equations in documents. A sample page from the legacy software Corel Ventura 10 attached.


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