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Max P

Photo last released don't want closing

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I m on WIN10,

Photo refuse closing with no file open!


Impossible configurate some item of Edition preference  / preferences > General 




Impossible  for example switch to the English version or Update the RAM!

I m  quit via task manager for kill the process

After complete reinstall and new Key same Thing!

Same thingh with the last version, but  at the end of use!

Idem  this





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Hey Max P,

I would recommend following the topic by LyricsGirl that you linked to. I'll speak with Chris_K who replied to it and see if we can find a solution. It sounds like the app is trying to open a big or corrupt file or perhaps a file with a linked resource.

Whilst we look into it, can you try this:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. type %appdata%
  3. Navigate to Affinity > Photo
  4. Rename the 1.0 folder to 1.0 copy
  5. Launch Photo (this will create a new 1.0 folder

If that works, can you zip the 1.0 copy folder up and attach it?

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