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[bug] AD stroke width different after reopening file

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I'd like to submit a bug with the iPad version of Affinity Designer:

I was inking some art using vectors, when I decided to call it a day, exited back to the gallery of AD, chose "Save" (to have the file saved on iCloud) and went to bed. When I got back today to reopen the file, I realized that some (but not all) of the strokes were of a much thinner width!


In retrospection, while I was working yesterday, at some point after finishing the head I changed the pressure curve of the brush considerably so that I can use the apple pencil more comfortably. I made sure however that the overall lineart looked consistent in width. I then continued inking the torso.

It seems to me that all the strokes I painted with the initial pressure curve, upon reload were reprocessed (perhaps with the new pressure curve?) and now appear so much thinner!


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Hey F_Kal,

I've tried to reproduce this but it opens back up as I'd expect. Are you sure you didn't have the layer selected when you changed the stroke/brush properties? Perhaps you were zoomed in and didn't notice?

If you can find a recipe to reproduce it that would be great. I'll try it with a few other documents and see what happens.

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hi Chris,

I'm quite positive  (actually all the strokes, even then thinner ones were on the same layer, I'd have to manually handpick all these dozens of tiny strokes in order to modiiy them) - but I'm also certain that all was in perfect order until I quit the document, even the thumbnail in the gallery was correct - so whatever happened, happened on reopening the document!

Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce so far, it but I will definitely be on the lookout for it! Sorry I haven't  been of more help!


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Thank you Chris! I just managed to reproduce it quite easily, I hope this helps!

here's what I did:

- I made a new document on the iPad

- chose the Vector Brush tool, with stroke size around 8pt

- drew a few parallel lines

- resized my brush to 50pt but also clicked on more and edited the pressure curve so that the maximum is around 20% of the range (I eyeballed it trying to find an effect that creates lines of equal weight for the same pressure)


- I drew a few more lines with the new settings - they appear almost indistinguishable from the 8pt lines, even though these are 50pt lines (normal, since I'm not using maximum pressure and have a new pressure curve etc)

- I resized my brush to 150pt and again clicked on more and edited the pressure curve so that the maximum, is around 10% of the range (again eyeballing it)

- I drew a few more lines with this settings too. So far, all three sets look similar as seen on the image below


- I closed the document, by going back to the gallery. The thumbnail appears fine.


-I reopened the document, and now I can see the line-weight being very different! Not sure why the 50pt lines appear thinner than the 8pt ones, but that's the result


-I return to the gallery, now the thumbnail has been updated to reflect the new weights!



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I still can't get it. What is your Size Variance set to when you edit the brush? I wonder if that's affecting it? I've tried different size variances which will give me the thinner lines at varying widths but it still doesn't change when I go back and forth to the Home screen... I'll keep trying :) 

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hi Chris, thanks for looking into it!

Variance definitely has to do with it (I always max it to 100%) - without a 100% variance, it wouldn't be possible to have a 500px brush act like a 20px when drawing with light pressure :)! Having said that, the brush that I use as a starting point is the second brush from the Assorted Brushes set, named "Solid Brush" (the one with width variance, but no opacity variance). It's preset to a variance value of 60% that I manually reset to 100%.

btw have I mentioned that I use the apple pencil?

So after your last message, I tried reproducing it with my original instructions but with only occasional success, apparently my steps were rather vague, apologies!

However I've now found a barebones workflow that causes it to appear invariably!

Here are two recordings of all steps via the iOS screen recorder: here and here


- Create a new document

- choose the Vector Brush Tool

- choose (if not already chosen) the Assorted Brushes Set -> pick the 2nd Solid Brush (the one with size variance but no opacity variance)

- at the bottom of the screen, choose pressure controller

- at the bottom of the screen choose more

- set variance to 100%, size to 600px, and reset the pressure curve to a linear curve, starting from 0 and ending at 5-10% (instead of 100%) 

- commit the changes and  close the editor

- draw a stroke alternating the pressure from featherlight to heavy 

- return to the gallery

-return to the document - now the once "slight" pressure variations, should be blown out of proportion!  

Let me know if this worked!

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