I have both Affinity Designer and Photo on my iMac.  I have one annoying thing that happens that I cannot fix.  When I double click an .afdesign file in Finder, it almost always opens Affinity Photo instead of Designer for anything located in the "Affinity Designer" iCloud Drive folder.  The only way for me to get it to open in the right program is to specifically select it using "Open With" or by opening it from inside Designer.  How do I fix this?  Things of note: - In Finder the files all do say they are the "Affinity Designer Document" type.  - As I mentioned, this appears to mostly occur for files stored in iCloud Drive in the Affinity Designer folder.  If they are on my computer or in the documents folder (I do have that being stored on iCloud so I can access it from my iMac or MacBook), the files tend to consistently open in Affinity Designer.