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On 8/31/2019 at 7:25 AM, Starchy97 said:

Very impressive. A lot of things I've only really half understood have become much easier to grasp. Thank you.

Thanks a lot @Starchy97 . I love hearing that stuff :). The whole reason why I wrote these articles is exactly that; when I was searching for information about these subjects myself, there were a lot of pretty technical dry or incomplete documents out there which I could find. I was missing something a little bit more fun to read, a little bit more colorful and easier to grasp these pretty technical and complex subjects. Something more designer-friendly (although still pretty complex, but that unfortunately comes with the subject I'm afraid). And I liked to help others with understanding this a little better.

So nice to hear it helped you! Spread the word so in the end we all understand color models, color spaces and gamma correction ;)

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Wow wigglepixel! This explains it a lot better than most articles I've read. I'm so glad I stumbled across it. :)

Thanks a lot for the time you poured into it!

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