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I understand how to use Affinity Photo to create 3D LUTs for use in my video editing software Premiere Pro CC 2018. But sInce I'm shooting video on a Panasonic GH5 in VLOG-L I should be creating the LUT adjustments in a LOG color space, at least that's what my research found. That option doesn't appear in Affinity Photo's "Color Format" drop-down menu. Is the LAB option an equivalent? Hoping you can help. Thanks, John.

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Hi @JJC,

Welcome to the forums. 

You would not need to create it in log format. When you export a still from your footage, it's going to be sRGB anyway. Do your edits as usual in Affinity, export the LUT and apply it to the footage in your editing software. It will work just fine. 

A quick test I made using some sample GH5 footage:


60p Snow Handheld.00_00_01_44.Still002.jpg


60p Snow Handheld.00_00_01_44.Still0023.jpg

Video Editor still after LUT

60p Snow Handheld.00_00_01_44.Still004.jpg

Bear in mind that this is on a 64x64x64 resolution. 



Exported LUT2 64x64x64.cube

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Hi Gabe,

Thanks for the quick, informative reply (and a nice looking grade). Just one more question: Can I assume that as long as I'm using adjustment layers I can develop my LUT in the LAB color format?


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I would not really use LAB. Your camera can only shoot 4:2:2 10bit, while LAB is 16bit. It would probably not affect converting from 10 to 16 (as you're converting to a wider bit space) but your preview would be different. For example, see below. What I've done was just converting the whole document to LAB/16 without any changes. The overall saturation and contrast has decreased. 





I've exported this as a LUT 64x64x64 and even though the result on screen was desaturated ( In affinity ), after the lut was applied ( on your video editing software ) you would get the "RGB/8" result. 

If you were to compensate for the desaturated look (in Affinity) you would most likely end up with an over-saturated image in your video editor. 

I suggest working in RGB/8 and you should be fine. 

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