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Generic JSON Batch Builder for UI Design

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it would be really awesome if AD could add a simple, generic Batch Builder that can export coordinates for Artboards and Slices and basic information for exported object layers to either JSON or XML:

  • Any slice
    • Coordinates
  • Slices created from objects
    • Stroke: Thickness, Color & Alignment
    • Fill: Color
  • Slices created from text frames (assuming a constant style for the entire frame)
    • Family
    • Weight
    • Size
    • Alignment
  • Bonus points for any additional properties (everything in the contextual context toolbar and the effects panel may be of interest)

That would dramatically increase the usefulness for UI design in collaboration with development teams!

We're currently trying to use the Spine JSON-Export to automatically create design specs for our dev team, but the proprietary structure (origin in bottom left, anchor at center of any object, no text support) makes it kind of finicky. It's awesome that it's there, but a few more attributes would make it much more useful for us.

If it's too time intensive to make a pretty JSON/XML-file, I'd also settle for Batch Builder that prints a parsable ToString()-Dump of the document tree ;).

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+1 for this request

Don't understand why when they implemented the Batch Builder function that they didn't have any option for custom settings. 


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