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New document, canvas trim and pattern support

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Hey guys, not sure this has been requested already, but here goes.


I often find myself having a workflow that has me moving from one document to the next. Where new documents are created based on parts of a previous file. What I'm really missing is the opportunity to create a new document based on the dimensions of the content I have on my clipboard.


So it would work as follows:

- Select part from document 1 with 800x600 dimension

- Hit Cmd+N for new document with 800 x 600 dimension

- Paste content of clipboard centered in new document


Another thing that I find myself looking for regularly (kind of in the same process) is an option to trim the canvas to the content. Preferably with a adjustable margin, or auto-margin.



- Canvas is 1200x1200

- Layers cover 800x600

- Select the option Trim Canvas

- Canvas is trimmed (this doesn't have to be pixels obviously)


And I finally I would really like to see some form of vector pattern creation tooling, including support for illustrator patterns.


I often have random shapes I want to fill with a vector based pattern. But it really takes a lot of time at the moment to fill in everything manually. Especially when you have spacing issues and repeating stuff to worry about.



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New document size = size of content in clipboard (especially it has been copied/cut before in AD) sounds very good to me, too.

+1 :)

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017), i7 4.2, Radeon 580 Pro 8 GB, 40 GB DDR4-RAM, 1 TB Flash, macOS 10.14.6

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I second these requests—with an additional request for tiled raster pattern support. I know there is a Bitmap setting under the Gradient tool, but this can be rather "squishy" and isn't very precise when needing to tile a repeating pattern in a UI design, for example. It'd be great if a raster/pattern option existed under Fill next to Swatches/Colour/Gradient when selecting a shape. :)

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