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I report a problem with the Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet in Affinity Photo Sometimes when I use a brush, the line does not show up, although I can use the "Undo" option. It only helps to restart the application. Yesterday I had to restart 3 times, today two*. Horribly annoying.

I have up-to-date tablet drivers (6.3.30-6)

#1 Edit

*three times

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another restart


Yeah! Pizza! :28_hugging:


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Hey Morguliusz,

Have you updated to 1.65.123 yet? Is it any better with the newer version? Have you zoomed in to make sure it isn't drawing very thin (almost invisible) strokes? What pressure settings are you using? 

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Sorry having similar issues. I have the latest INTUOS pro M and it;s just about unusable with the constant lag. Any testers willing to confirm? I want to be able to use a brush and gently brush over my photos but I can't do this at all in this current iteration (latest version as of Sept 24th). 


It either completely stalls the app, or freezes the entire windows 10 I am using. And I have a high end workstation (8 cores INTEL with 64 gigs of ram alongside 1080 GTX). 


Are we getting anywhere with this? I remember posting about this a few months back when I had my older wacom. 

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