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Difference between Border Width & Ramp

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I am starting to teach AP to my granddaughter and she posed a question that I was unable to find an answer, "Under Refine selection, what is the difference between Border Width and Ramp and when do you use each one?"

The description for Border Width says, " Border width—expands the selection by adjusting the width of its border. Drag the slider to set the value."

The description for Ramp says, "Ramp—changes the size of the selection. Drag the slider to set the value. Negative values will shrink the selection while positive values enlarge it."

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Hi @Big_Stan ,

The border width increases or decreases the "smart border" user by the refine selection to refine your edges. That's the white border you see here. Think of this as a "search area" where the algorithm will look for similar pixel values. 


The ramp would change the size of the selection. Think of it as a "threshold" of the selection. Positive values will increase the selection within the "border-width" while negative ones will shrink the selection. 



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