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I attached a screenshot below.


My question is - how do I manipulate text like the picture to curve/warp only the bottom or top part of the text? 


I understand that I would likely have to convert the layer to curves.  But after that, what would I do to keep the top of the text on a line, and and curve the bottom of the text as it looks in the picture.

The red lines are added to emphasize what I mean.





Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 1.00.34 PM.png

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You do it manually, per character, in AD. There may be a formula on can use to achieve the effect so do a search on the forum just in case. Likely could be done in APhoto but then would be a bitmap if that matters. Mesh warping is on the roadmap, so it'll be available by the 2.x version of AD.

Else use another application that has envelope warp and/or mesh warping. Which is what I do.


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 The envelope warp tool is much requested, and according to reports, on the way. Do note that it took Adobe 10 version upgrades to have it, so Serif's Affinity getting it before v.2 is doing pretty good. 

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