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Anderson Leonel

Logo Affinity Designer - IPAD

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Like Mark said above, really nice work. I too especially like the mock-up.
(I think a tutorial - or just a basic list of things to do - to make something similar to the mock-up would be appreciated by many people.)
My major concern is that the text is off-centre and way too far to the left. (I don't know if this is deliberate so I won't call it a mistake.)
My other concern is that the bottom of the helmet isn't lined up with the top of the text. There's a bit of an angle there but, again, I don't know if this was deliberate.
Anyway, lovely stuff.

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Well done. Aesthetic. I like this golden sign the most. Especially the way you put it there. Maybe some short tutorial on creating such a sign and adding it to the material? :11_blush::10_wink:


Yeah! Pizza! :28_hugging:


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