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Add curve nodes with snaps

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I’m looking for a way to add new points in a curve by snapping to other points/objects on the iPad. In this case there are two curves with the endpoints snapped on the red stroke; I need to put two points on that curve exactly over the two endpoints, so then I could split the line into three pieces. On desktop this should be quite easy since you can move the cursor first, snap it and then put the point. Of course I want to preserve the current curvature of the stroke, so adding a point and then moving it to its destinations it’s not the right solution.


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Hi FedeG26 :)

There's no current option to add a new node under another, even if they are 2 separate curves. I'd recommend using the workaround given in the second half of this post for the time being, as zooming in and adding a new node is your best option. Technically you may alter the curve ever so slightly, but at a far enough zoom level this should not affect your overall design.


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