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It would be super awesome to have a real competitor to After Effects. I do use motion but something more like After Effects would be a winner, control over keyframe interpolation, masks, expressions and shapes!

I think there is a ton of improvement that can be make and the world would become a different place.

I have made the move over to Photo and Designer and feeling more comfortable with them everyday!

Now just a really cool motion graphics/compositing program would completely get rid of the need for Adobe for me.

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During the probably-quite-long wait for this, check out Fusion: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/fusion/

While I would not put it past the Affinity team to be capable of producing a product like what you are asking for, it seems to be *way* outside their current scope, so I certainly wouldn't be expecting it anytime soon.

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Yesss! After Effects affinity alternative and I'm COMPLETE! Please!

#Affinity FX, #AffinityMotion #AffinityAnimate #AffinityAnimator #AffinityTweenable #AffinityMove #AffinityKeyframe  #AffinityTransition #AffinityDirection #AffinityAdvance #AffinityWalk #AffinitySteps #AffinityMX (Motion Xperience) #AffinityTimeline :17_heart_eyes:

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