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Ipad pro crashes when exporting to pdf

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Im a little new to this so be gentle :) anyways..i have a file. 6335x2400mm and everytime i try to add a new layer-raster one. Then the app crashes. Also when i try to save it as pdf it crashes. Jpeg was okay. Also png..it just buffers and never ends so i cant save it..

Other files have been fine so far  but the app does crash a lot..

is the problem that my file is too big or what? Because its not that big.  I really do need to save this file and get it printed and its very frustrating cause nothing works..


please YELP!! :(


all the best



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Hi Renny,

Unfortunately your document doesn't open for me - it looks like it is truncated/missing data.
I've just tried this myself on a new document, but it's fine. I presume your document has many layers already? What DPI is your document set to, with a document those sizes you really don't want to be using 300DPI. This is creating a massive document (in terms of pixels) than the iPad can probably handle.

For a document that is 6.3metres by 2.4 metres, it is more than likely intended to be viewed from a good distance, so something like 72dpi should be fine!

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