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A.D. Consistent lag on certain vector.

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Hello there. I have been using the app for a while and I've had "lag" on the movement of a vector before, but usually ends after I reboot the app or i'm just unable to recreate it. Right now I have a file that keeps lagging on one of the vectors, given that it's just a vector I can't really replicate.

This vector I'm talking about isn't overcomplicated, neither is the file itself and also it's the only vector (i think) it's lagging like that.

Should I paste the file here? I'm not sure how the modus operandi is. 

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I have been having the same , if you mean , moving a vector around the screen . It can be so slow that I can literally go and make a cup of tea and wait for repositioning to occur. Sometimes saving a file too can take absolutely ages to save . I make sure nothing is running in the background and hold home and off button , let it shut and restart to clear caches. 

I’m beginning  to think there is a memory problem in the software , which Fingers crossed will be addressed.

‘Yes post the pic and post a pick of the resize to show the size of canvas etc , perhaps to evaluate the size you are using. .

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Yea you seem to have a worse problem than mine though. If by a picture you mean video I'll try to attach it here ( i hope it shows alright ).

I'm not sure if I understood what you meant by size but I'm working at 1024 x 1366, 144DPI.

Edit 1: I forgot to say, there's a big chance the vector lags once there are a few nodes modified with the corner tool to soften them. I've been having that issue  a little more (though not so bad)

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