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Ken Lecoq

Photo : Color editing in Affinity photo, how to create some brown/warm tones

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Hey everybody !

I had a question about color editing on Affinity photo.

I love editing colors; I wanted to re-create the stylish warm / brown tones that you can create on a picture tweaking the colors, but I somehow don't really manage to do it.

I really love this kind of tones (example with the picture, just a pic I found on google, to show you the example), but how ? What would be the best to tweak the colors in order to have those warm / brown tones, without quality damage ? 

Thanks a lot everybody, 




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Hi Ken, 


Welcome to the forum... I had a very similar question a while back. Check out this thread... it may help.


Also... try playing around with Gradient Map Adjustment... I found this really helpful.


All the best


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