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Affinity Designer 'Character' and 'Paragraph' panels not displayed

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When I click the 'Character' or 'Paragraph' button on the Context Toolbar in Affinity Designer 1.6.1, the corresponding panel is not displayed.

The same is true if I select 'Text' > 'Show Character' or 'Text' > 'Show Paragraph' from the menu (or press  ⌘T). 

'Text' > 'Show Text Styles' and 'Text' > 'Show Glyph Browser' do not seem to do anything either. However, 'Text' > 'Show Typography' does work.

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Hi robbmasters,

Have you docked any of those Panels to the studio at all? If you have, selecting those options should bring the panels to the front. Also have you used any secondary monitors that you may have placed then on?

Could you try View > Studio > Reset Studio to reset the studio back to default. Does that bring them back into view?


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