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Hey everyone!

This is the first time I'm using the Affinity forum so I apologise if I have used it incorrectly.

I have made a vector shape with a 20pt border around the edge. Is there a way to expand the vector to include the 20pt border?

Thanks in advance, Matt

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Hi MatthewBowker,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
You can only expand the shape. To do what you want double the stroke width (so to 40 pt), set its alignment to centre in the stroke pop-up (context toolbar), then go to menu Layer ▸ Expand Stroke, select the two resulting shapes (the expanded stroke + the fill area )and click the Add boolean operation button in the main toolbar to create a single shape from them.

Note: setting the stroke alignment to outside keeping your current stroke width value (20p) and performing the rest of the steps may leave you with residual artifacts after the Add boolean operation thus the advice to double the width and set the alignment to centre.

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