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Affinity Photo Upgrades,

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Info panel:  ability to adjust sampling area of markers for the info tools.  The cross hairs seem to select one pixel and one pixel only.  Allow the cross hairs to capture an average like the color picker tool does.  This is to be adjustable.
Selection border has a width that needs to be removed.  When areas are selected in a layer, the width of the selection has a thickness.  That little dotted line, seems to have a thickness that recorded with selecting and separating subject rom background.  
All adjustment layers must have a toggle for fine adjustment.  Some time the adjustment bar is too sensitive for the minuscule adjustments that I want to make.  Make a toggle switch to cut the adjustment to 25% movement on the adjustment.  
Reset in HSL should only pertain to each color selection including the master.   And or, a total reset or color reset selector.  
Gradient tool:  This tool needs to gain some control when selected.  Layers that used the gradient tool loose the tools position once the layer is clicked off.  That position needs to be available all the time.  I use the gradient tool often when balancing images from one side to the other and making custom vignettes.  I need to go back into this layer and adjust the position of the gradient without having to rebuild the gradient from scratch.  
Maybe not an Affinity issue, only happens on Affinity Photo for me though.  Sporadically the image position will suddenly shift, enlarge or reduce without cause.  
Brush: It’d be a great help to have a brush window that displays the shape of the current brush being used.  When the brush is very small it’d be very nice to have a display at the top of the screen that displays the shape of the brush selected.  The brush menu, not good enough.  
Layer integrity.  I’ve noticed often; Separating a subject from the scene to be place on another layer, then selecting the background removing the subject (transparent background for subject on this layer).  The background layer maintains remnant subject matter when background layer is blurred, Gaussian, Depth of Field, etc’.  Resulting halo of removed subject.  

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