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Flickering Pixels in Affinity Photo

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every now and then, I get what appears to be odd flickering pixels in Affinity Photo (also, possibly Designer, but Photo is the one where I know I have seen it before). I’m seeing it on both my Macs - a late 2012 Mini and a 2013 MacBook Pro with a retina display.


You can see the odd pixels in this screen shot - they flicker. It started this time when I had imported and placed another image in the file, and was dragging it to a larger size. I was using my Mac Mini for this. Those pixels are not part of the image - and they do go away after a while.

Affinity is set to use Metal in the preferences.

I have seen this before - areas become pixellated, or they flicker. The size/location of the flickering area seems to be random. I can’t knowingly trigger them either (if I could, I’d list steps to repeat).

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Hey HairyDalek,

I'm sure I've seen this before on my own Mac but only once or twice. How often is 'every now and then'? If it's a few times per working day, it might be worth trying to switch to one of the other Display settings such as OpenGL (temporarily) to see if the fault likes with Metal or something entirely different. 


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