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AD Win, open images floating, not docked?

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whenever I open an image in AD (Windows, not Mac), it opens docked.
In the "Window"-menu, there are options for Float (all) and Dock (all).
In the "View" menu I can check or uncheck docking for tools, but not for images.

Even when floating, the slightest movement or resizing of the window will make it "want to dock again".

However, I would like them to always float and never dock at all. 
I went through all the settings and menus, but did not find anything.

I realize that some people prefer them to be docked. I do not.
And it is very tiresome to go through undocking every time and then take extra care so they don't dock again.

How can I stop the images from docking for good, once and for all?

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3 hours ago, Callum said:

Hi LostinTranslation

Unfortunately there is no way to make the documents permanently docked.



Thanks for the answer, but I find this very strange.
Are there at least plans to have such an option in the future?

P.S.: I suppose you made a typo, but I want them to be UNdocked all the time.

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My menu Window days: Float All, and all windows are floated.
Docking and undocking toiols are in the View menu.

But always undocked images don't seem to be an option...

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