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Christian Kogler

Affinityphoto and Photos App

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I was very happy to see the direct communication between Apple Photos and Affinity, but today I was a bit confused by an error message of an 16 MB changes limit which I don't understand and don't really know what the consequences are. Please see screenshot! Why is this and what does it really mean? Can it be that I cannot even reframe and turn the photo a bit in Affinity? What would the communication be of use then? 

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-29 um 10.27.23.png

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Hi, I'm not certain but I suppose that the 16 MByte limit refers to the change protocol. As long as your modifications in AP are smaller than 16 MByte, they are stored together with the picture in Photos if you save from AP. That way, you can later open this picture in AP again and modifiy everything you did to it.

More than 16 MByte means that the change protocol is not saved, i.e. the picture is "flattened" (as the message suggests). If you open it later again in AP, you'll just see the result as you saved it but all layers etc. will be gone.

As I said before, that's what I suppose it to mean.


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