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[Duplicate] DPI on export and stripping of metadata

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I have changed over from Photoshop Elements to Affinity.  I see there is a bug issue with the exporting of photos when changing DPI from 72 to 300.  I know the workaround by unchecking Embed Metadata BUT, this strips the info that my stock site needs.  They also prefer 300DPI and that is what I have been submitting for years.  When will this bug be fixed?

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Meanwhile it gets solved, I did some research in its moment, seems there's quite some external utilities that can help there, provided you'd export with the dpi setting fine from Affinity, (ie: tiff, etc) and use those for the other meta data settings. My favorite solution is using a tool that also acts as a good browser/batch converter for many formats , like XnView MP. Sorry if you knew about all these already (I am quite a geek, but there can be always stuff I'm not aware of, I usually appreciate any info.... ):

One of the best image browsers out there, also a good batch converter and meta data editor :


Other utilities for powerfully editing, creating or deleting metadata :

One that seems the preferred one of quite a bunch in the ratio of ease of use/features+quality (but I have not tested it) :


The one which you hear often as the most respected one, but its' command line based and a bunch of ppl (not me) are not fond of command line :

So , you could use a GUI for it, instead, to use it graphically (need to download the actual utility as well, of course )  :

Note that the exiftool is provided as well for Windows and Mac.
Metadata++ is Windows only ( but runs on 7/8/8.1/10 , both 32 and 64 bits.)

XnView is also GUI based, and indeed available in Mac, Windows and Linux. And a pretty good image browser and converter.
If you use XnView at a company, you need to pay a license, but is the cheapest one I have found, at this quality (only 26 $ )

As far as I know, all of these are maintained, at least not abandoned. Even the fully free ones.

Probably you knew all these, but as I made my little dig/research recently, I thought it might be of interest sharing some fast notes.

Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo licenses, Windows 7, i7  860 (2009) 2.8 GHz,  8 GB RAM, GTX 1050 2 GB, HD 7200 RPM.  Wacom Intuos 4 XL.

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to complete  @SrPx post, for changing DPI there's  FastStone Viewer that is fast and easy to use on Windows. You've got a free version and you can buy some licences for cheap if you need it professionnaly (I did it since I find it really usefull). It's similar to good old ACDSee (this one's got a free version too).
Or you can use more complexe apps depending of your uses.


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Thank you to SrPx and Wosven I do very much appreciate the information. I have Lightroom so have been using that to retain the metadata and change the DPI after exporting from Affinity so that works.  I guess I'm just picky about wanting to be able to do everything in the program itself :D.

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